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The Insatiable Man: Desire To Look Good

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People want what they don't have, right? Women with no curves? No problem! A trip to the nearest plastic surgeon will solve your dilemma. Pixie hair? A few hair extensions will transform you into a long-haired goddess. Just visit one of the hair extension salons that line the streets. (While you're there you might want to have authentic
hair braiding done.) Fair complexion? Tanning salon. Dark skinned? Bleaching. Frown lines? Botox. Stout? Liposuction. (My granma told me not to use the term 'fat' to refer to a person. Said word is reserved for lower forms of animal life.) The list goes on. These are just some of the insecurities that surround us.

I'm not here to judge an individual. Like the adage, Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder. What may seem attractive to one person may not be so elegant with another. When was the last time you looked at the mirror and truly appreciate what you have? You may not be as skinny as those who grace the covers of Vogue or Elle or other fashion magazines, but believe you me, you possess an incandescent glow that only you can release once realized. To be honest, I have no idea what that incandescent glow is. All I know is that every individual has his own unique trait that, when properly cultivated, will certainly put the person in the pedestal where he rightfully belongs.

It seems that media dictates what beauty is. Skinny (verging to being twiggy), long blond hair, plump lips, towering legs, no acne breakouts, no scars, no blemishes----in short, flawless. As smooth as a baby's bottom, as they say. Only Barbie can compete with this type of women. For me it's ok if one undergoes little tweaking or fixing, having African braiding or having hair extensions, that's fine with me. But those that undergo radical changes, like Michael Jackson---please stop the craziness, I'm begging here. Where is the boy from the Jackson Five that everyone loved? Probably that little boy got sliced off together with the forehead lift and the thinned lips and cheekbone. What happened to African pride? I know that going to a hair braider to sport African braids will not raise enough awareness as that of Bono's tour to save the world. But in your own way, you're preserving your own ethnic identity---displaying your heritage high and proud.

For men, I believe that magazines present that the more muscular the male, the better. Nowadays, spending time in the gym does not equate to healthy living, it equates to beefing out; to flash those pecks and add more bulk in the upper body. Why not try hitting the books instead of the gym? Flex those brain muscles. Women, too must do the same instead of spending time on tanning beds or under the knife.

I'd be a hypocrite if I say that looks doesn't matter. It does matter---for a few weeks, a month tops. But there is much bearing on the substance that is inside---intelligent or sense of humor or better yet, both. When a person possesses these two characteristics, the physique will just be a background for the personality that shines through.

We are all created equal---not in appearance, not of intellect---but of dignity. Having long blond locks do not mean that she's better than you or me. One may have supple skin but her insides are rotting. An individual may alter their appearance to be an eye-candy. Candy?! These things rot the teeth, right? A Gum loses its taste after a certain number of chews, right? Like candies, these physical alterations will melt away.

Remember, these solutions are fleeting. The make-up fades, the muscles weaken and the cuts from the surgery will rear its ugly head. In time, all of these will happen. And hopefully on that day, you still have your intellect and sense of humor with you.
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