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Mission and Its Importance to All Christians

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There are several timeless and very vital reasons a study in church history and missions is so very important to Christians at every level of service and understanding.
One of the greatest and most outstanding is the fact that missions is becoming more and more an interaction between both senders and receivers.
Far too often the history of mission has been written from the perspective of the sender who sees the receivers as merely targets or prospects.
Thank god that many of today's leaders are becoming more sensitive and convinced that a study of the home base is equally as important.
Knowing how to witness in different culture settings is peculiar important.
An understanding of church history can help the senders of the gospel of Jesus Christ refined their approach in mission.
Therefore having a greater impact on the receivers and how they perceive and understand Christianity.
Mission history should be studied because it has a great impact and reflects the triumph of the gospel.
In mission efforts the conversion of unbelievers is really paramount.
The gospel is preached and the scriptures are distributed this positive emphasis is something that need to be understood in terms of church history.
It can suppress heresy, avoid religious wars, mission history its approach should be to stress the positive properly written, it is critical to cover the victories of the church therefore supply inspiration for those still struggling to make mission history.
Through the study of mission history it will hopefully help to prevent the repeat of past mission mistakes.
Those who refuse to learn from their past are most certainly destined to repeat its mistakes.
A sensitive reader of mission history will almost always notice trends in the success and failure of mission efforts of the past.
And last, mission history should be studied because it is in the discernment of patterns that modern followers of Jesus Christ can see god at work in the post biblical era.
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