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Bohemian Shoes and Sandals - Top Picks for 2007

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An eclectic mix of textures, colors and embellishments, bohemian shoes borrow trends from the past and different parts of the world -- then maybe throw some beads or sequins into the mix for good measure. The look can vary from laid-back hippie to cosmopolitan chic, but it's always fun, and full of excitement.

The bohemian shoes on this list are some of the best, and will help get you into a bohemian frame of mind.

1. Patricia Green 'Veronica' - Pretty Flat Sandals

Beading on sandals is great. Beading and crystals combined is divine, so I've totally fallen for these pretty bohemian sandals from Patricia Green. These are exactly the kind of sandals I've come to rely on for those moments when I want to stay casual, but my outfit still needs a little something extra.

2. Jessica Simpson 'Geni' - Sexy Fringe Shoes

No need to wait until Fall for your fringe fix when shoes like these are available right now. With 4 inch heels and open toes, these suede slingbacks will add a heaping helping of sex appeal to anything they're worn with -- and they look great in both brown and black.

3. Bo'em 'Jezelle' - Flat Boho Sandals

Intricate beading and large stone embellishments make these flat sandals stand out, even among other bohemian shoes. Perfect for adding an unexpected touch to shorts, capris, or casual skirts, these pretty sandals come in bronze or gold.

4. Sam Edelman 'Giada' - Beaded Bohemian Sandals

Two trends for the price of one! These flat sandals combine elements of gladiators with boho tribal beading for a striking and dynamic package. I'm crazy about the red version, but these sandals are also available in black and leopard print.

5. Giuseppe Zanotti 'E90464' - Designer Beaded Sandals

Stones, beads, and rhinestones adorn these flat t-strap sandals from Giuseppe Zanotti, and the turquoise on brown is both earthy and dynamic. Imported from Italy, these shoes aren't cheap, but if you have the budget for them, they're certainly attention-getting.

6. Jessica Bennett 'Kemp' - Flower Sandals

A different flavor of bohemian, these unusual sandals feature large floral embellisments made from frayed ribbons and metal beads -- sounds odd, I know, but the final product is fun and unique, and perfect for pairing with shorts or casual flowing skirts.
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