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Ruby Necklaces and Pendants

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Ruby and sapphire are both members of the same family of minerals, called corundum, but while sapphire (the September birthstone) exists in many colors (blue, pink, yellow, and others) if corundum is red it is always called a ruby. Natural rubies vary in color and shading, and are found in light to dark reds, sometimes with blue or purple undertones. You might also see natural rubies that are red, but have yellow to orange tones.

Some rubies produce a six-ray star that covers their entire surface when the stones are cut and polished to create cabochons (smooth domes, rather than faceted gems). Star rubies are one variation of the gem that are found in North Carolina ruby mines.

Ruby is the July birthstone, but is popular with people born throughout the year. The gem is has been associated with love since ancient times.

Rubies found most commonly in jewelry have been heat treated to improve their color and clarity, and dyes are sometimes used to deepen their color. You'll encounter rubies that have been coated to hide fractures on their surfaces, but be aware that the coatings do wear off.

High quality natural rubies are rare, especially when they are large. Expect to pay a premium price for these stones, and always ask for an authenticity report from a reputable gem lab before making a purchase.

Most of the rubies found in jewelry are heat-treated to improve their appearance, and some of the gems may be synthetic (grown in a laboratory). Read descriptions carefully and ask the retailer as many questions as it takes to understand your potential purchase.

Ruby is a durable gemstone, and is rated at 9 on the Mohs' scale -- diamond is the most durable, and is rated at 10.

Infinity Necklace set with Rubies and Diamonds in 18 Karat Gold

Two hearts are joined together at their bases to form a 3/4-inch wide 18 karat white gold infinity symbol. A white gold cable chain suspends the symbol from each side, and five round rubies and four round diamonds flow through its midpoint to create a focal point. The chain is 18-inches long and secured by a lobster claw clasp.

Ruby Heart Necklace in Sterling Silver

Twenty-four round rubies (2.25 carats total) are pave set within this black, rhodium plated heart. Polished sterling silver outlines the darker center. The sterling rope chain is 1 mm in width and held in place by a spring-ring clasp. The rubies are advertised as red, but the photo makes them appear purple -- ask the retailer to clarify the color if you order this necklace. The sterling silver setting makes this pendant necklace more affordable than rubies set into gold or platinum.

Ruby and Diamond Pendant Necklace in 18 Karat White Gold

An medium red oval ruby (6 x 4 mm) is surrounded by twelve prong-set diamonds to create this lovely pendant. The setting components are fashioned from 18 karat white gold, including the 18-inch long chain and the lobster claw clasp.

Coordinating ruby and diamond earrings (not shown, but very much like the pendant) are available. Ruby and Diamond Earrings | Buy Direct

Ruby Solitaire Pendant Necklace in 18 Karat White Gold

A single round ruby (minimum size 4.9 mm) hangs from the 18-inch white gold chain, making a lovely statement for someone who prefers to wear a single gemstone. The ruby is prong set, and its color is a medium, slightly purplish red. A lobster claw clasp secure the cable chain.

Rose Gold Necklace with Ruby and Diamond Pendant

This unique pendant is set with square and cushion cut rubies (1.625 total carat weight) that are accented by small round white diamonds (0.2 total carat weight). The pendant has a gold 'cap' and drops about 0.8 inch. It is suspended on an 18-inch long 14 karat rose gold chain.
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