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The improvement in standard of living and lifestyle of people over the years has seen an up gradation in the fashion and cosmetics industry too. The ideas to design a clothesline by fashion designers are vast these days with the increasing demand for high standards in the market. Similarly for cosmetics also, there has been a considerable demand for better products to enhance the visual appearance of an individual. More and more people of every age group are relying towards cosmetics and make-up for enhancement of their visual appearance. Generally seen in the age group of 15-30, cosmetics are used by people to fit in with the friend circle or to have an own sense of identity.

As a part of cosmetics, the products used to change or alter the appearance of an individual are called makeup products. In the case of men, where the manufacturing and use of these products is limited to an extent, in the case of women, the variety tends to be endless. These products can be in the form of hair care, skin care, body lotions, facial care, lipsticks, nail polish, eyeliners and even coloured contact lenses. The lifestyle of celebrities and their enactment in movies have a great impact on the youngsters as they try to imitate and portray the same in real life. Also, the heavy advertisement of the cosmetics leads to efficient marketing and sale of these makeup products.

Along with the use of products used to appeal the visual appearance, people are using fragrance products too on a large scale. These fragrance products popularly deodorants and perfumes are used to remove or avoid body odour occurring in different parts of the body due to the growth of bacteria and sweat. The deodorants also block sweat glands and thus preventing the excretion of sweat and eventually the body odour. The perfumes contain scented oils and solvents which provide a good fragrance to the body and clothes worn. In nations with high standard of living like United Kingdom and United States, people tend to depend a lot on style of fashion and cosmetics. Thus the cosmetics for beauty and fragrance, UK are quite popular. The concept of beauty and fragrance, UK and other developed nations trickle down to developing nations because of globalisation and urbanisation.

These fashion trends are being used globally now and with more years to come it is bound to get more sophisticated.
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