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3 Exercises for Perfect Breasts

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I must.
I must.
I must increase my bust.
Boy, do I ever remember that little chant from the best-selling teen novel "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.
" Almost all of us think about how to keep our breasts just as firm and luscious as possible.
After all, there's that beach trip or cruise we're planning (with an ultra-hot swimsuit to take along), or the smokin' hot little black dress that exposes a creamy expanse of collarbone and cleavage.
Maybe you just weaned your infant, or perhaps you're celebrating your fortieth birthday and hoping your best assets will continue to age well.
Part of having pretty peaches is genetics.
And it's often true that excess fat will be stored in your breasts.
So losing weight will impact your bra size.
But the rest is up to you.
And there's no need to resort to pills, creams, or surgery to firm and lift those beauties.
All you need is some basic loving care for your pair.
Don't underestimate the power of great posture, confidence, and a fabulous bra, and definitely get these great exercises into your routine for perkier pecs! 1.
Chest Press with Dumbells
Lie flat on a bench with your feet firmly on the floor.
Hold your dumbells with your arms fully extended.
Slowly lower the dumbells until you feel a comfortable stretch in your chest.
Your weights should come to a brief complete stop just below your chest.
Now push your dumbells back to full extension.
If you use light weights and more repetitions, you burn more fat.
Using heavier dumbells will build more muscle.
Adjust your weights and repetitions to best fit your current health and fitness level, and grow from there! 2.
Push Ups (Not the bra, although that will help!)
Lie face down on the floor with your back straight and your palms on the floor about shoulder width apart.
Your legs should be locked, and your toes should be on the floor with your heels in the air.
Push your body up off the floor until your arms are fully extended.
Then slowly lower yourself until your chest is almost touching the floor.
If standard push ups are too difficult, try putting your knees on the ground with your back straight.
Now try your push ups.
Once you can do knee-down push ups, shift up to standard for a harder workout.
Dumbell Flyes
Lie on a bench with your feet flat on the floor.
Keep your arms fully extended above you with your palms facing each other and the weights touching.
Slowly lower the dumbells away from each other with your arms slightly bent.
"Fly" the weights out as wide as you can until you feel a nice stretch in your chest.
Your dumbells should stop at just about chest level.
Now bring them back up again until they touch.
You also want a solid core to support those beauties.
Adding some sit-ups and leg raises to your main set will not only strengthen your back and tighten your abs, it will also be a firm foundation for the attractions above.
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