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Video: Step-by-Step Guide for Rockabilly Hairstyles

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm T. Cooper, I'm a makeup artist, hairstylist and co-founder of Beauty and Grooming Business Metro Look. Today, I'm going to show you how to do a rockabilly hairstyle. For this look you'll need a one inch curling iron, some hair spray, bobby pins and optionally a fun little hair accessory. So first I'm going to start off by sectioning my models hair off. She's already got wavy hair and that's ideal for a rockabilly hairstyle. Back in the 40's the women use to do a nice deep part on the side so we're going to take it all the way over and smooth the hair down. I don't want to roll up this whole thing so I'm going to go over about 4 inches, section that off and this is going to be from where I start my roll. So I'm going to gather all that hair up together, brush or comb through it, then I'm going to take my one inch curling iron, smooth over the hair and then I'm going to wrap the hair around it just to make it a little easier to roll and hold it for maybe 10 seconds, just to create a foundation for that roll. Once you've done that, I like to start my roll over my two fingers to get my roll going and then I just continue to roll down till I get to the base of the head and once it's there make sure the roll is how you like it, if you're happy with the shape you take your bobby pins, you can crisscross through them for extra security, but if they feel okay you can just use one at a time and put as many as you need so the roll stays nice and secure throughout the day, I think that feels good. Give it a finial spray for any little flyaways and now is when you incorporate your accessory, I chose a cute little white flower that I'm just going to place on the side of her head and there you go. Here's your fun little rockabilly hairstyle. I'm T. Cooper and I just showed you how to do a rockabilly hairstyle. Thank you for watching.
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