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Understanding Why Teenagers Use Drugs

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When it comes to understanding why teenagers use drugs we need to also understand how modern day family and social life works.
Things have gotten so fast and the pace of life has increased so dramatically that some of the fundamental basics have been lost along the way, a perfect example of this is our ability to communicate on a personal level.
There are so many various reasons we could choose from as to why teenagers use drugs and each one sounds better than the last as it helps us shift the blame to society, peer pressure, the schooling system or the continual moral value loss of modern day society.
However the truth is far more intimate or personal, the truth is something which no parent actually wishes to come face to face with.
Yes, our modern day society plays a very influential role in whether or not your child will end up on drugs, but essentially the true reason is far closer to home, it is the reality of the breakdown of communication in the family circles.
What with every family member being so consumed with keeping up with the pace of modern day society, we have begun to loose the art of family communication.
This has resulted in the fact that it is far easier to shove $200.
00 into our child's hand in order to keep them 'happy' than to actually find a way to address their needs on a personal level.
It has become too easy to refer our children to specialists and therapists and have them put onto scheduled medication for anything from depression to stress, anger to attention deficit disorder.
This is what society tells us is the correct thing to do, but how correct is it for your child? How many of us take the time to read up about the side effects of these medications and realize that they are habit forming and have many other really negative side effects? Then we still want to turn around and ask why teenagers use drugs? The truth is a very simple, but at the same time very complex one.
Simple in the fact that if you or someone you love is suffering from drug addiction problems, then there is a lack in the basic human needs in their life, very often security, a sense of belonging, stability or the need for love.
Complex in the fact that these needs can perhaps not be being met in so many different areas of our life, there are so many different areas of our lives which can be detrimentally affected when these few basic human needs are not met and I believe this is the main reason why we have so many people looking for explanations when it comes to why teenagers use drugs!
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