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Cosmetic Surgery and Gynecologists - A Good Idea?

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Imagine going to your gynecologist for your yearly pap smear and being asked if you would like to have dermabrasion or a facial chemical peel while you are there in the office.
If your gynecologist hasn't forayed into the cosmetic surgery field yet, then this might seem very strange to you.
However, if your gynecologist is one of the thousands who have entered the realm of cosmetic surgery, you might just simply raise an eyebrow and give it a go.
Why not, right? Your gynecologist is a good doctor and she knows what she is doing.
She would never do a procedure she isn't certified to do, would she? Cosmetic Surgery Certification in the United States As of right now, physicians in the United States are not regulated when it comes to performing cosmetic surgery procedures on their patients.
You might be surprised to learn that any medical doctor can offer such procedures as chemical peels and dermabrasion as part of their regular office practice.
However, those physicians who are really qualified to do them are plastic surgeons who have been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.
By holding this certification, a plastic surgeon shows that they have the added training to perform cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures on patients.
Additionally, they have the certification required to admit their patients to local hospitals in case something should go awry and it would become necessary.
Convenience vs.
Risk While a one-stop-shop of having your gynecologist able to perform cosmetic surgery might seem convenient to you at first glance, when you consider the ramifications of any complications it isn't such a cut and dry decision to have them perform cosmetic procedures on your body.
Because your ob/gyn lacks Board Certification in Plastic Surgery, this means that he is unable to admit you to a hospital if needed.
You will simply be instructed to go to the local emergency room and seek treatment.
Additionally, gynecologists have not had schooling and testing to prove their skills at cosmetic surgery in any form.
So, while they may be familiar with the procedure, they are not truly trained and skilled and certified.
Would you want a plastic surgeon to deliver your baby or perform your hysterectomy? Experience Counts With all of the above said, you should always evaluate your physicians based on their experience with the procedure you are going to have done to your body.
Ideally, you would use the services of a Board Certified physician for your needs.
The reality is that gynecologists and other physicians are performing plastic surgery procedures - and they are doing it legally.
However, you as a consumer need to know and understand this and make your own decisions on whom you do and do not trust with your body.
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