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A 76 year old Nepalese man reached the summit of Mount Everest (World's Highest Mountain-29035 foot) on Sunday 25th, May, 2008 and became the oldest person to climb the world's highest mountain.
Min Bahadur Sherchan reached the 29035-foot summit early in the morning with his climbing guide.
Sherchan was just 25 days away from his 77th birthday.
He beat the record set last year by Japanese climber Katsusuke Yanagisawa, who scaled the peak at 71.
Sherchan was in good health when he descending from the summit.
Sherchan was a former soldier who had climbed smaller moutains before Everest and has been an active sportman.
On this day of his feat about a dozen climbers scaled Everest following one of the busiest weeks in the mountain's season.
The Thursday before this old man's feat a veteran Sherpa guide scaled Everest for a record 18th time.
Appa reached the summit along with several colleagues.
He was among more than 80 climbers to reach the summit that day- the largest number ever in a single day from the Nepalese side of the peak.
I wrote the above report,just to be able to pin-point some steps; you could take so as to achieve your goals or dreams that you have for your life.
One thing is certain in life you would not always have it your way.
In my part of the world there is an adage that says "if wishes were horses,beggars would ride" and if our plans looks very good on paper or in our mind,but the resources to make them become a reality might not be readily available,the lessons from the report are: Lesson One: Your age is no excuse for your goals not to become a reality-(He was almost 77 years old) Lesson Two: You can always dream big (Highest Mountain in the world) Lesson Three: Health is wealth.
Live healthily,practice basic hygiene.
It is when you are alive that you can achieve your goals.
Lesson Four: This is very important,your dream might be BIG,but start small (The man in our report had conquered smaller mountains before coming for mountain Everest).
He started small but kept at it and he was able to get o the peak of Everest.
Have you not noticed that Lottery Jackpot Winners usually do not know how to manage the sudden change of state,their mind is not ready for such affluence,hence can not fathom a way to sustain and maintain the wealth.
Take it from me,starting small helps you to navigate the storm though it is not going to be easy but keep at it and you would get there.
Just keep one thing in mind be purposeful.
Lesson Five: Learn how to repeat your success just like the Appa in our report- a record 18th times conquering of Mountain Everest.
Lesson Six: Be teachable.
Lesson Seven: Network.
You are not required to know everything in life but get to meet people that knows or that has an idea about what you need to know and learn it.
80 climbers reached the top of that mountain in a single day but do you know what,if those 80 people have gone there individually,they might not have been able to conquer Everest.
Do things step-by-step but that does not mean you should not use the elevator.
Leverage on others success.
Get mentored by successful people and if you have failed before,take a giant step,try again just keep at it and make a success of your life.
This article might be my own great achievement,and this could be achieved by you taking a small continuous step towards your goal.
If you achieve a goal,it would be easy to reproduce it or even teach somebody else and it could simply be your WINNING TICKET.
In the world people are achieving great feat (breaking and setting records) in their chosen field of endeavour,what have you done,what are you living for? When next I write I would write on living your life to fulfill PURPOSE.
To Your Success, Iroko Akinola -akinolagreat@gmail.
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