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Lia Sophia - Amazingly Honest Lia Sophia Business Review

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Not Everyone Will Succeed In The Lia Sophia Business
Sad as this maybe, it really is the truth.
Wellness and beauty products does go well together in this age of information.
If you think of Lia Sophia as more than just products to accessorize your wardrobe then you are considering of getting into it as a business.
Find out the ins and outs of this company in itself.
1) A Little Bit Of History About Lia Sophia In 1986, Victor Kiam founded a direct sales company in the United States of America named Lady Remington Jewelry.
Before that it was known as Act II Jewelry.
Victor is know for his appearance in commercials as the guy touting, "I liked the razor so much, I bought the company!".
The company is still family owned and his son Victor "Tory" Kiam, III together with wife Elena renamed the previous Remington Razor to Lia Sophia.
2) Products, Products And More Products As a matter of fact Lia Sophia releases two seasonal catalogs annually to you.
There is a Red Carpet collection which features high priced fashion jewelry.
As an independent adviser, you are permitted to promote the Red Carpet Collection in order to boost visibility.
Many celebrities like Paris Hilton to stars of television and movies have a keen interest on these collections.
3) Do You Believe In The Opportunity? You can become an Adviser by paying for a starter kit.
Of course, you have to be a U.
citizen to sign up.
By carrying out show sales, you get paid up to a 30% payout based on your personal product sales volume.
While Lia Sophia claims to be a direct sales opportunity in reality you earn faster by banking into the 'recruitment advancement structure'.
Your bonus compensation is offered by building a team under you.
Bonus: Your Financial Future In closing, Lia Sophia carries high quality fashion jewelries that are affordable.
However, if you are looking to profit massively from this opportunity or other like it then investing in a good marketing program is essential.
Choose wisely.
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