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Top 10 Weight Loss Tips - The Greatest List You Will Ever Find

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Tackle Negative Internal Dialogue There's many rude people in this world who will criticize you so harshly that you just want to give it all up.
But nobody is as critical to yourself as you are.
Every doubt you put into your head will slowly crush you.
If you are negative about your progress and expected results, you are setting yourself up for failure.
That's why you need to tackle those thoughts when they come.
Don't let yourself think that way! You're better than that, and if you're motivated weight loss is easy.
If you ever think 'I can't do this', immediately erase that thought from your head and say 'YES I CAN!!!'.
Do Your Cardio! Losing weight is going to take some exercise, but you don't have to beat yourself senseless.
Nobody expects you to be running 10 mph constantly.
Take it slow, warm up, and go at a pace that feels challenging, yet not overwhelming.
Cardio should make up the bulk of your weight loss routine.
What makes cardio go by quicker is listening to music or thinking deeply.
You'd be surprised how fast time flies when you're not thinking about it.
Cardio should be done for thirty minutes a day.
Try your very hardest to keep on schedule.
Don't beat yourself up if you miss a day or two, but be sure to get back on track.
Create a Diet that Works for You.
To lose weight you must be burning more calories than your eating.
Once your body has finished burning all your food, it moves on to burning your body fat.
This is how the weight is lost.
Fat has that highest calorie content, so you want to avoid foods that are especially fatty.
Never deny yourself food because you want to lose weight.
So many people force themselves to starve, which leads to health problems and diet failure.
What you need to do is cut down dramatically on sweets and greasy foods.
The empty calories go straight to your theighs, butt, and stomach and leave you feeling unsatisfied.
Go for fruits when you have a candy craving, and eat some fish or chicken if you ever feel like fast food.
A great strategy is to set a calorie limit, such as 1800 calories a day and don't eat more than that.
You'll thank yourself later! 4.
Weight Training Routine Most people looking to lose weight overlook weight training, which is one of the most important parts of weight loss.
Weight training helps build muscle.
The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn.
Since weight training is extremely physical, calories are burned quickly.
A recent study conducted by the Boston University School of Medicine found that weight training increases your metabolism, which is responsible for breaking down food.
Weight Traning ==> Higher Metabolism ==> Weight Loss 5.
Get rid of Unsupportive Acquaintances Notice how it says acquaintances.
You can't call people that are unsupportive, pessamistic, and discouraging your friends.
They won't want to help you and they're only there to bring you down.
Get rid of these people! They're trying their hardest to stop you, and they want to see you fail.
Instead find people who are positive and will help you achieve your goals.
You know you can do it, so don't let anybody change your mind! 6.
Make a Specific Goal Before you Start If you have a vacation to the beach this summer, then make a goal to lose 30 pounds before summertime.
It will help you stay motivated because you will be able to show off your results.
If there's no vacation, then set an exact date.
For example, 'I will lose 20 lbs by April 3rd'.
When you make specific goals, you know exactly what you're shooting for and exactly when you want it.
You'll be more motivated during workouts, and work even harder to break a sweat! 7.
Develop a 'Just Do It' Attitude You don't need the shoes to do it either! There will be exercise days where you won't want to do it.
Well here's how you solve that: Just Do It! You can't let yourself skip a day because you're feeling lazy.
It's not going to take too long.
Losing weight takes dedication, and a to be a dedicated person you must make yourself do things you don't want to.
Just Do It! 8.
Keep a Food Diary A lot of the time people forget what they have eaten that day.
If you keep a food diary, you can record how much you have eaten and count your calories easily.
This is a necessity because in order to lose weight, you have to eat less than you burn.
If you count your calories, you'll know how much your eating, and how much you'll have to burn.
Sleep 8 Hours a Night In order to repair muscle, your body must have enough rest.
If you're not getting enough sleep, you're body isn't building muscle as much as it could.
Not only that, but you are tired throughout the day and you won't be motivated to exercise.
Sleep is important physically and mentally, and it's essential for weight loss! 10.
Exercise with a Friend who will Challenge You Everyone will agree that running with a friend is more fun.
Exercise can get boring, and friends make it interesting.
If your friend is physically fit, you will work hard to keep pace with them.
A great friend would encourage you to work faster, run farther, and go for longer.
You lose more weight, and you'll see the physical results much faster.
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