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Cushy Lips Review

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Women strive for plump, full lips.
Looking at the media and seeing women makes us long to have those same beautiful lips.
The problem is, if you weren't born with that genetic trait then the only solution has been plastic surgery.
Lip augmentation surgery can run upwards of $5,000; not an easy amount to swallow for many.
The good news is, we no longer have to worry about lip injections, or any other plastic surgery to improve our look.
This is a product designed, as the name suggest, to give us those full cushy and plump lips.
It's quite simple actually; all you have to do is apply a lip gloss-like formula on your lips daily and the more you use it the more plump and beautiful your lips become.
The beauty of said product is the separation between the lip gloss moisturizer and the plumping formula.
On one end you have the lip gloss on the other end is the plumper, this avoids the watered down look of other lip plumping products on the market.
When you put on the product you will notice a slight tingling sensation on your lips.
This is normal and is actually a good thing.
The tingly you get is caused by your lips slightly swelling from the formula.
If you want best results you should apply Cushy Lips multiple times per day and also before bed.
Many consumers will vouch for the great quality of Cushy Lips.
This product works great and best of all it is much cheaper then most other lip plumping products on the market.
On top of all that, the more you order the better deal you get.
If you a re looking to get that full and cushy look to your lips like the stars mentioned above, do not waist $5,000 dollars on surgery.
Buy yourself Cushy Lips and notice the difference immediately.
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