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Practical Manifesting Tools - How to Build Psychic Energy Balls For Faster Manifesting

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Do you know this simple technique for turbocharging your manifestations? Read on and I'll show you how to use the power of energy bubbles right now.
One of the easiest ways to increase the speed of your manifestation projects is to blend energy work with the mental processes or creative visualisations that you're probably already using.
This fun process involves building up energy balls around a visualisation and launching them into the world to draw back the required item, outcome or person.
The more likely the outcome, the less energy you need.
The clearer your intention, the less energy you need.
The more detached you are about the result, the less energy you need.
The technique itself is very simple - pick a measurable, specific outcome.
I like to use this for actual, tangible, physical items I want.
Then I make a vivid mental image or short movie of me having the item and visualise it in a ball in front of me.
Then I simply drop into the manifesting state of mind and whilst I'm there, pump a big surge of chi into the ball, with the unspoken intention that my subconscious mind will let me know when I've done enough to get it.
Here's how you can experiment with the energy bubble exercise as follows: Step One: Find a comfortable place where you'll have peace and quiet and can safely relax and close your eyes.
Step Two: Take at least 10 nice deep relaxing, energising breaths.
Step Three: Imagine your holding an energy ball in front of you, like a melon sized globe of energy.
Step Four: Each time you breath out, imagine energy flowing from your hands into this globe, making it brighter and brighter.
Step Five: Mentally picture your project movie in this globe, in colour and start to pour into the globe on each out-breath all the happy excited feelings thinking about having this outcome gives you.
Step Six: Add in all the happy feelings of everyone who's going to benefit from this project as well...
then add in even more good feelings from all the happiness they'll spread in turn to others...
Step Seven: When the ball feels literally full to bursting with all this energy, all those happy, excited feelings and all the people it will benefit...
Slowly take your hands off it and let it just sit there in space.
Good job! Keep notes of your manifesting experiments and have fun with this simple process.
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