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Biggest Wedding Planning Questions, Answered

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When you first begin planning your big day, there's no doubt you probably have a long list of questions about the process. Planning a wedding is quite an undertaking and unless you're a professional wedding planner, chances are you may not know where to start, nevermind the standard practices and proper etiquette that goes along with planning such an event. This article serves to bring to light some of the biggest wedding planning questions and resources that help explain and answer them for you.

Read on for these questions and answers:


Do I need a wedding planner?

Even the most gung-ho DIY bride may need a little assistance when it comes to planning her big day. Whether you choose a full service planner or just a day or month-of coordinator might be the bigger question at hand. No matter what service level you choose, most planners will coordinate the wedding day logistics for you, including being on site to tell vendors where to go, managing the vendor team's setup of rentals and decor, and generally being on hand to tackle questions and give instructions, as well as keeping the day on schedule.

Full service planners will also design the event, coming up with the look and feel for the wedding, using the perfect partners to bring your vision to life, as well as help you work through the tough stuff like budgets and contracts. The answer to this question may come down to your overall budget, but in some instances hiring a professional planner can actually save you money, so be sure to weigh all your options.

Some more resources to help you make a decision:


What's with all the contracts?

Just like any other contract, a wedding vendor contract is a legally binding document sharing an agreement between two parties. In the case of your wedding contract, the parties are generally the couple and the vendor providing a service. Contracts are important because they are meant to protect the people entering into an agreement, but they should be examined in detail and with care as there can be a lot of fine print.

Things to look out for include the timing of arrival, setup and departure. Their cancellation policy or sick policy in case of emergency. Also make sure to check for a refund policy if the vendor doesn't uphold their end of the agreement or (heaven forbid) is a no-show on the big day. The most important thing is that the contract is fair to both parties, so make sure your contracts include all the relevant info needed to protect yourselves, as well as your vendor. Don't be scared to ask for additional line items to be added to the contract to make it clearer.

Some more resources to help you with contracts:


How can I save money?

Just because you read that the average cost of a wedding is over $30k, doesn't mean you have to spend that much. There are countless unique and creative ways to save money that will leave your guests none the wiser, many of which have been detailed here on the Weddings Site of About.com.

Depending on your priorities there are practical ways to cut costs. From completing DIY projects to skipping favors, or choosing a certain catering option because of its low cost, you can absolutely save money on your big day if you choose to put in a little extra work or make small sacrifices.

Some more resources to help you save money:
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