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The foundation of all great achievement is faith; faith in God and faith in your God-given talents and skills.
With this as your foundation, your next step is to clearly define what it is that you want in life.
Your goal should be specific and clear.
Not just a vague wish but a definite objective for which you are ready to do what you ought to do to attain it.
With faith and a definite purpose, you are on the right track.
Now what you need to bear in mind is that anyone who attains great success has had some form of temporary defeat.
Yes, temporary defeat as opposed to failure.
While failure occurs when you give up in the face of adversity, temporary defeat is when you are faced with a problem and you understand that there is surely a way to go around that problem and you decide not to give up but to keep trying.
When you embrace this of never-say-die attitude and keep trying with faith you will come to see the day when all your struggles and disappointments will finally disappear and joy and happiness will become your lot for you would have come to realize the great universal truth that has been taught by the world's great philosophers and religious leaders that "every adversity has the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit for those who have a positive mental attitude".
Be patient, be PERSISTENT! Never fold and give up when confronted with problems.
Many of the world's greatest achievers have had to endure great hardships before they became the STARS that they were bound to be.
Michael Jordan was cut off from his high school basketball team because the coach thought that he was not good enough.
The world laughed at Henry Ford when he was planning his automobile because they thought it was a foolish idea.
Have faith and be persistent no matter what your current troubles may be.
Most of the time your hitches and heartaches are blessings in disguise but you do not realize it till long after the problem has been resolved.
Stay focused on your goal and never let it fade.
Have faith and keep on keeping on.
Success will surely come your way one day.
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