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Different Anime Boy Hairstyles

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    Unnatural Color

    • No matter what anime boy hairstyle you choose -- or even if you don't change your hairstyle much at all -- you can look like an anime character if you dye your hair an unnatural color. The bolder the color, the better. Even somewhat natural colors -- such as golden or red -- should be an unnatural hue. When opting for an unnatural anime color, consider what type of anime boy character usually sports that color. For example, while exceptions to the rules exist, you'll generally find silver hair on an intelligent, quiet character and red hair on a brave and gutsy character.

    Spiked Hair

    • Another must-have for a typical anime-boy hairstyle is spikes. Long- and short-haired spikes appear on many male anime characters. Sometimes the hair appears to defy gravity. Recreating these spikes in the real world is difficult, but not impossible. Run a teasing comb through the hair and break it apart in large clumps. Use a lot of styling gel to make hair spikes out of these large clumps. Spray with hairspray.

    Slicked-Back Hair

    • A less common anime-boy hairstyle is the slicked-back look, which usually appears on tough teenage-boy or street-punk characters. Recreating this hairstyle works best if you have some bangs you can use to sleek back across the top of your head. Use a hair-styling product like pomade on combed, damp hair. Squeeze about a quarter-size amount in your hands, rub them together and then run your hands along the length of your hair from front to back.

    Chin-Length Crop

    • Another popular anime boy hairstyle is the chin-length crop. A typical schoolboy character or a handsome character might sport chin-length hair. When opting for this style, it's important to remember to give the hair bright color and volume so it will look more reminiscent of the anime style. Grow your hair to your chin and get the hair cut in layers. Grow bangs as well. Spike the hair slightly and use product to add volume to the haircut.

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