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Turn The Power Off And Turn Your Mind On

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Imagination led Benjamin Franklin to discover electricity.
Yet electricity is leading people to block their imagination.
I like to ride my bike with my best friend.
I always have a very good time feeling the wind on my face.
I love my freedom.
I love to use my energy to do things I enjoy.
Yesterday, after we finished riding and I came home, my friend texted me and told me that he was bored because he has no power, so he couldn't work.
I texted him back, "do something fun, write a poem.
" I was joking, of course...
yet he wrote this: "I have no power, yet I am not powerless.
There is no light, yet darkness does not consume me.
The clocks have all stopped working, yet I still have no time.
Time to listen to a world without the hustle and bustle of modern conveniences and technology.
Time to listen to other things.
Things that are usually taken for granted, like the wind in the trees, and a beautiful song of the calling birds.
To appreciate our world, perhaps to give up power is the most powerful thing we can do.
" -By Paul He made me think about how much we depend on electricity and technology.
Most of our work depends on power.
If there is no power we cannot work.
And maybe there is not too much that we can do with this, but it is sad that almost our whole life depends on power.
We are frustrated if we cannot turn on the television, the computer, the radio or any other appliance that we use every day.
Because of technology and our busy lives, we are losing the ability to appreciate the little things.
We almost forget how beautiful birds sing -and there are a lot of different kinds in California.
When it is raining, we just think about the congested traffic because of the rain instead of being thankful for it.
Stop for a minute and enjoy the water falling from the sky.
When was the last time you ran or walk in the rain? I love to ride my bike in the rain, especially in the mud.
I have so much fun! I know, I'm a country girl and maybe you have different ways to be happy.
It doesn't matter how different we are, I'm sure you can find your way to appreciate the little things that happen every day that are happening right in front of you and you have no time to see and feel them.
Imagine all we can do if we turn the power off in our life just for a day (or an hour).
Here are some ideas: -Write something, a poem, your affirmations and affirmations, a letter, a script of your life, a song or a story to share with your kids and family.
-Play with your children, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or friends.
-Take care of you.
Maybe a massage or just take some time to meditate or visualize your dreams.
-Look for beautiful things around you, different kinds of plants, trees, flowers, birds, and more.
-Go for a walk around the block.
Say hello to your neighbors.
See what is new about your neighborhood.
-Go to your local library.
I'm sure you will find a good book to read.
(Of course, the power needs to be on at the library).
-Do an outdoor activity or sport you enjoy.
One you haven't done in along time.
And the list is endless.
Your own ideas are the limit and they have no limits.
It is wonderful that we live in a very modern world, full of new technology.
Our life is very easy with all the help we have in doing our chores at work and at home.
Nothing can replace our ideas, our capacity to think.
It is time to USE our brain on US.
It is time to find easy and different ways to spend our FREE time and be happy.
It is time to think!
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