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How to Remove a Grease Stain From a Leather Garment

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    • 1). Blot excess grease from the leather garment with paper towels. Avoid rubbing the grease stain, as you it will force the stain deeper into the leather.

    • 2). Cover the remaining grease with talcum powder. Allow the talcum powder to remain on the leather garment overnight. The powder extracts the grease from the leather.

    • 3). Brush the powder from the leather garment with your hand the next morning. Wipe the remaining talcum powder and grease from the leather garment with a damp rag.

    • 4). Pour 1 tbsp. leather cleaner onto a clean cloth, and wipe over the leather garment. Wipe cleaner from the leather garment with a clean cloth.

    • 5). Spray a leather conditioner on the garment. Allow the conditioner to soak into the garment for five minutes. Wipe the leather clean with a lint-free cloth.

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