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Good Self Esteem is Necessary For Happiness

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Self esteem is how we see ourselves and it reflects our confidence levels.
High self esteem is a key ingredient to achieving success and happiness.
If you have high self esteem you will like yourself and think as highly of yourself as you think of your peers and friends.
You will see yourself as competent and will have a positive attitude and a happy and fulfilled life.
Unfortunately, through various reasons, for example, abuse, bullying, depression, anxiety and weight issues not all of us have a high self esteem.
If self-esteem is low, the person is likely to be very shy and may isolate themselves and therefore self esteem will sink even lower.
Self esteem can be built, it will take effort and courage, and it will not happen overnight but change is possible and is worthwhile as lives can be improved tremendously.
So how can we improve our self esteem? - Think back and remember something that you enjoyed or were good at, maybe you got praise at work for doing a good job.
Remember how you felt, it felt good didn't it? - Don't think of past mistakes as failures.
See them as valuable learning experience's that have helped you grow and mature.
- Have a positive outlook on life.
Through mindfulness and meditation you can feel in control, you will hold the power to a healthy future.
Try to turn any negative feelings and situations in to positives.
- Join a group or take up a new hobby, making new friends can be a great confidence booster.
- Journaling is a powerful way to enhance self development, by transferring your thoughts down in writing it is possible to gain insights that you otherwise never see.
- Counselling is a very useful way to gain insights into your behaviours and fears.
It is important to find an empathic therapist with whom you feel comfortable have a rapport with.
By using some of these methods you could soon be feeling like a new person brimming over with happiness and confidence, living the life that you truly want to live.
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