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Keep Your Eyes On The Horizon

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When life gets crazy and things seemed to be turned upside down, the most important thing we can do is keep our eyes on the horizon and our mind on whatever goals we're trying to achieve.
Because focusing upon the drama, chaos and confusion only intensifies those elements at play further wreaking havoc within your life.
Usually when we get ourselves caught up within the chaos and drama, it not only makes things more chaotic; but it also has a tendency to take our attention off of what's important and what we're trying accomplish.
I believe the mass majority of individuals have found themselves within that type of situation at one time or another throughout their lifetime; some even on more than one occasion.
Of course there are those who never seem to learn this lesson and end up creating vicious cycles of chaos and drama within their lives and everybody else around them.
With all the things that are occurring within the world today it's very easy to get caught up in the drama.
When we hear the word "Drama" we typically think of personal dramas or family drama.
However, what about political drama, TV/Movie Star/Entertainment drama and of course the planetary drama that's been going on since the beginning of time? How caught up in those type of drama are people these days? By the looks of the constant state of chaos, confusion and degradation of humanity I'd have to say there's an awful lot of people perpetuating the drama.
Especially by constantly focusing, discussing and dwelling on all the negatives thereby feeding more fuel to the fire.
It is a sad shape of the world, when the mass majority focus most of their attention on all the bad stuff that's going on in the world.
The more attention given to the bad, the more "bad" gets amplified and enhanced.
We have turned into a world of "victim consciousness" and are taught to be "fear-based".
As well as, constantly being bombarded by the media of more "bad" stuff to worry about, dwell on and become fearful of.
Why can't people understand that in and of itself is brainwashing and creating the very things they don't want to see happening by the attention placed upon those very ideas, notions and concepts? It's one thing to be informed, it's another to obsess over every little bad thing that hits the newspapers, TV or social media sites.
And buying into the misinformation and fabricated stories seems to be the common theme these days because people are so caught up in the "illusion" and cannot see clearly that they are perpetuating the lies, problems and keeping peace further away.
All of this "crap" has taken us away from what's really important to us, as well as, making it seem impossible to focus on our own individual goals, ambitions and dreams.
When the world around us is going crazy, it's better to be cool, calm and collected in order to think clearly rather than continue living blindly like the masses who are hopelessly enslaved and aren't even aware of it.
It's time to get back to the basics, define our priorities and keep our eyes focused upon our goals.
We have been manipulated and controlled for far too long, isn't it time to "WAKE UP?".
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