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San Diego Sees Decline in Meth Addiction Treatment

Although many areas around the country claim to be the meth capital of the world, San Diego is most certainly in the running. Meth abuse and addiction have plagued the city of San Diego and surrounding county for decades. Although running second to alcohol abuse methamphetamine is still a significan

Three Ways to Quit Smoking

A tobacco addiction is unhealthy, dangerous, and expensive. Those who would like to quit smoking and who have tried before know that it is a difficult thing to do. However, if you have the help ...

Quit Smoking Weed - Stay Away From Marijuana and Hash to Stay Safe

How can you actually stop smoking grass or weed for good? Are there really any effective ways through which you can quit these nasty and harmful habits? To tell you the truth, there are plenty of options which are available in the form of guides, medicines and pills, exercises and lifestyle changes

New York Residents – Protect Your Right To Vape

If you live in New York and use an electronic cigarette, you may soon find yourself limited to tobacco only. Even though tobacco cigarettes kill thousands of New Yorkers, the NY State Senate is pushin


Definition of the drug slang term 'Piggybacking' from the About.com Alcoholism / Substance Abuse glossary of drug street terms.

Help for Your Teen's Drug Abuse

There are a number of reasons that teens turn to drug use. Drug abuse is in the schools, in athletics, in music and media and if that is not enough, many teens succumb to peer ...

What to Expect When Checking Into a Drug Rehab Facility

Being addicted to illegal drugs will make your life chaotic eventually. If you are considering going to a drug rehabilitation center then it would be a good idea to learn beforehand what to expect when checking into a drug rehab facility?

Finding Ways to Stop Smoking That Work For You

The world is full of individuals who are still smoking and looking for the best way to stop smoking. Quitting smoking is never any simple thing especially if you smoke a lot and have smoked for many years. Moreover it's right to say the longer you have smoked and the harder it's going to b

Smoking Cessation Hypnosis - Tips For Success

Congratulations on choosing to live a healthier life by quitting smoking. You have got a hard road ahead of you. As an ex-pack a day smoker myself I can relate to your journey. Remember that there is no such thing as failure unless you give up. Hypnosis is the most effective way to break that nicoti

Computer Program Detects Substance Abuse in Older Adults

Computerized screening instruments for drug and alcohol abuse can help identify substance abuse in older adult patients who may not report substance-related problems and appear to be less likely than younger adults to seek help for them.

Immediate and Intermediate Benefits as Motivation to Quit Smoking

The gratification that can be derived from measurable and subjective or observable immediate and intermediate health benefits of smoking cessation can serve as incentive to quit smoking without experiencing relapse. Instant benefits of quitting smoking ...

The Cold Turkey Remedy

If you decided to stop smoking, go cold turkey, fully understanding that you don't need smoking in your life. This is the most effective way to become a non-smoker and stay off tobacco in the long run.

November 12

Recovery thought of the day for November 12 from the About.com Alcoholism / Substance Abuse site.