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Wild Eye Color Contacts

Wild eyes are a specific type of color contacts. They are known as special effect contacts as they are worn for their effect, rather than for any vision correction. They are made in such a fashion so as to make the wearer comfortable in sporting them. They are extremely popular around Halloween, and

Dikuza "Tesia"

For some of the most amazing shoes you've ever seen, be sure to check out this image gallery of Dikuza shoes, including the gorgeous Tesia sandals.

How to create newspaper nail art at home

Nail art is the latest craze among women of all ages. Gone are the days when plain nail polish was the thing to style up your nails. There is a myriad of designs to choose from, from flower patterns t

How to Crochet a Wrap Vest

Wrap vests are comfortable pieces of clothing that look good with dress or casual clothing. These vests keep you warm on slightly chilly days without making you too hot. You only need a few simple crochet stitches and a little bit of basic sewing knowledge. This project is ideal for someone just beg

Nu Brilliance Reviews.Are They All Just Hype?

Who else wants young-looking, even and radiant skin-the kind of skin that makes you look and feel beautiful? Does this sound like one of the NuBrilliance reviews you have read? So just how true is all that? I have been picking though the hype in the Nubrilliance reviews and sales copies that are aro

The Colored Jeans You'll Crave This Fall

Colored denim is a trendy way to update your wardrobe now. Take a look at our ultimate guide to colored denim, including outfit ideas and tips on brands.

Tourmaline Hot Rollers and Hairsetters Review

If you have stick- straight hair, you are naturally envious of girls with, beautiful, bouncing curls. But just as girls with curly hair can flat iron their hair to get a straightened look, you can achieve beautiful curl without permanently changing your hair type.

New Natural Beauty Boosters Online

Turmeric also regarded to be skin food for more than 4,000 of years. It helps in Cleanse the skin, maintains its elasticity and nourishment, also balance the effects of flora. It prevents aging and sagging of skin. It gives beauty from inner purity.

Sleeveless Polo, $9.99

The polo shirt is the quintessential collared sport shirt for women. Plus, it's really cute. Find our favorites here.

Scalp Care Tips for Men

These quick tips will help you keep your scalp in top condition. Avoid excessive drying, promote circulation, and keeping your scalp clean are essential to great looking hair.

Sailing Ships Arm Tattoo

Pictures of some of the best tattoos seen on the many attendees of the Hell City Tattoo Festival in Columbus, Ohio (May 2009).

How to Lace Skate Board Shoes

Skateboarding sneakers can be laced in several different manners. However, a traditional over/under lacing system makes the shoes easy to adjust, comfortable and snug enough to provide support during rides. Over/under lacing is easy to do and only requires a few minutes to complete.

How to Wash Sneakers

Do you wash your workout clothes regularly but leave your shoes languishing in the locker until they smell up the locker room? Your shoes, too, should be cleaned regularly to keep them looking good and smelling sweet. Here are a few easy steps to get your sneakers looking new again.

How to Cut Fringe Sleeves on a T-shirt

T-shirts are wonderfully comfortable, but they can also be quite plain. If you're not ready to give up the comfort of your T-shirt, but you want to add a little pizzazz to your outfit, modify your T-shirt by adding fringed sleeves. Fringed sleeves give you a fun bare-armed look while adding some swi

About Pearls

Pearls have long been esteemed and valued as beautiful jewelry items, and are still widely sought after today. Unlike other gemstones that are mined in the earth, pearls are formed within living creatures--oysters and mussels. However, since it is very rare to find a naturally formed pearl in one of

Haircuts for Teenage Girls With Long Hair

If you're a teenager with long hair, you may want to try a new and fresh haircut that is more fashion conscious, adult, subtle or just plain different from the hair you had when you were young, without losing the length you have spent years growing. There are tons of long haircuts that are pretty, t