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How to Clean Your Purse When You Spill Something in It

The closed environment of a purse makes it the perfect breeding ground for mold when something gets spilled inside. The only way to preserve your accessory is to clean it out as soon as possible. Even liquids such as water will cause damage. Unfortunately, it's not just the purse lining you must wor

Types of Ladies' Shoes

When you go shoe shopping, are you overwhelmed by the all the choices? Can you tell the difference between a mule and a sandal, or a wedge heel and a kitten heel? If not, take this basic guide to women's shoes with you the next time you need a new pair of shoes.

Bold Cocktail Ring with Delicate Lines

A photo gallery of couture jewelry from the jewelry line by Jewelry by Rosalina. Rosalina Lydster first created her unique line of jewely in 2001.

Celebrity Hairstyles of Women 40 & Over

Investigate the hairstyles of celebrities over 40 years of age to find styles that suit each facial shape. Find out how to achieve the hairstyle to determine if it's a good choice for you. Consider the time it takes to achieve the style and the hair type on which the style works best. Take pictures

How to Use a Scarf Ring

A scarf is one fashion accessory that can be used in a wide variety of ways. If money is limited and you really want to experiment with different ways to wear a scarf, choose a neutral scarf that can compliment many different outfits and then learn some of the many ways to wear a scarf. One popular

The Psychology Of Beauty

One of the best things about the scientific field of psychology is that there is such a vast array of potential research and thus so much unexplored territory. Every stimulus in our environment can be

Components of Magnesium Ribbon

Commercially sold magnesium is viable in three forms: ribbons, coil electrodes and strip electrodes. Magnesium ribbon is normally sold in widths of 3 millimeters and lengths of 10 meters, but also comes in a variety of weights and thicknesses. Mostly required for scientific experiments, magnesium ri

How to Get Salad Dressing Stains Out of Leather

Natural materials are porous by nature, with a tendency to absorb liquid stains quickly. When oily salad dressing comes in contact with leather, the grease soaks into the leather, leaving behind a dark, discolored area. Fast action to remove the grease stain makes the removal process quicker, but ev

Brush Cut

Summer. It's the time of year when we're more active and need a lower-care style that will keep us cool and be easy to maintain. These are a few examples of my favorite short haircuts for men that will keep you cool and look great in the warmer months!

How to Apply Protectant Spray to Suede Boots

Suede comes from the underside of an animal's hide. The hides do not only come from calves, but also pigs, goats and even lambs. The final product is usually buffed and quite smooth. Thus, many people enjoy suede clothing, such as jackets and boots. Suede boots will last for years if you treat them

The Quest to Grow Eyelashes

Some people are born with thin eyelashes, and others experience medical conditions with can thin them out. Either way, there are things we can do to help make our eyelashes longer, stronger and healthier.

Types of Long Hair Cuts

Soft layers give long hair movement and definition.beautiful woman with long hair image by Paul Hill from Fotolia.comThere are numerous types of long haircuts, with a few that are especially popular and traditional. Common long haircuts are characterized by soft layers, a shaggy haircut...

Fashion Tips

Tanishq recently launched their exclusive range of gold collection called ‘Glam Gold in association with Anglo Gold Ashanti and World Gold Council in the capital on Friday with model Amanpreet Wahi presenting a brand new face of the mildly lustrous jewellery.

How to Make Cartoon Hair on Corel

CorelDraw is vector graphics application. It is widely used to create graphics for ads, signs and other printed items. It is also used to create illustrations for comics and comic strips. If you are working on a cartoon image in CorelDraw, you may wonder how you should go about creating the hair. Th

Food Source of Copper Peptide

Copper peptides are lab-synthesized with the express purpose of being applied to the skin. As such, there is no such thing as a food source of copper peptide. However, copper itself (the trace mineral from which copper peptides are made) is a vital component of a healthy diet. Copper is a trace e