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The Delicious History of Pizza Styles

One of America's favorite foods is pizza, which has a rich history and comes in various different styles, depending on where in the United States you live. The word come from the Latin in 997 AD in a small town in Italy, Gaeta. The legend says that the bishop of the city was given twelve pies e

Cakes For Various Occasions

Basically a cake is a kind of baked, sweet dessert food that is usually made from ingredients like flour, butter, sugar and eggs along with leavening agents like baking powder. Ingredients like chopped or pureed fruits, various kinds of nuts, chocolate chips or powder etc are added to give various f

Your Guide to Hosting a Wine and Cheese Party

The wine and cheese will complement each other and bring out a very tasteful and exquisite dining experience. Here is your quick guide to serving wine and cheese for your next party.

How Do You Eat Your Ice Cream?

How do you eat your ice cream? In a bowl, on a stick or on a cone? Which ever way you like to eat your ice cream, find out the most desirable ways to enjoy your ice cream, from flavors through to the type of ice cream products.

How to Make a Two Egg Omelet

Eggs are just one of those foods that can be prepared in numerous different ways. Eggs are rich in protein and delicious to eat, no matter which way you make them. The most classic of all omelets is the basic 2-egg, cheese omelet. These simple steps will show you how to make a great 2-egg omelet eve

Video: Peruvian Cream of Shrimp Soup

Video Transcript Hi, my name is Luis Sanchez and we're here at Nic's Beverly Hills, and today I want to make you a creamy shrimp soup Peruvian style. Which is sort of like a chowder, a shrimp chowder. We're going to start with a pan, we're going to get it going. Add a little bit of...

Hard Brown Bumps on Plants

Hard brown bumps on plant stems and leaves are characteristic of an infestation of armored scale insects. The hard covering protects the tiny insects underneath, which suck plant juices. Other types of scale, such as cottony scale and mealybugs are more easily dealt with, because their coverings are

How to Cook With Bottled Water

It is sometimes necessary for cooks to use bottled water, either for convenience or because the locally available water is unsuitable for use, either from long-term contamination or a short-term emergency. Boiled water can sometimes be used as a supplement to the bottled water, but in most cases, bo

Marvelous Marinades

Professional chefs love marinating for the creativity it affords - and its popularity with customers. The best meat marinade recipes tenderize and moisten meats at the same time as they bring out their natural flavors. ...

How to Make Fall Leaves Using Icing

Fall leaves are great cake, cookie and cupcake decorations for your autumn parties and gatherings. They are a quick, easy way to use icing to turn dessert into a centerpiece for your table. With a little bit of patience and a steady hand, you can create beautiful fall leaves from icing that will per

Making Appetizers For Kids

Whether you are catering for a kids' party or you just want to make sure there are enough tasty options for the younger guests at your next get-together, knowing how to make appetizer recipes for kids is important. There are easy party appetizers for everybody and the important thing is having

Fun at an Ice Cream Parlor

Finding these great ice cream parlors is easy.There is usually one in each community.There are so many different ice cream parlors to choose from.You will get to go to a different one with each place you visit.

Properties of Tallow

Tallow represents another name for biological fat, specifically fat that comes from bovine bodies. Much of it is produced during the butchering process in meat factories when cows are slaughtered for food products. However, aside from being a meat byproduct and a physical insulation of warmth for co

Burmese Cuisine: A Blend of Indian, Chinese and Thai Cuisine

About Burmese Cuisine: Burmese cuisine is a blend of Indian, Chinese and Thai cuisine which involves extensive use of fish products. Distinct flavors and herbs, along with regional variations in its preparations makes it widely relished across different cities. The Burmese course not just includes p