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Interventions for Teenagers With Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder affects children, teens and adults with episodes of manic or depression. Intervention through professional counseling, medication, electroconvulsive therapy or support groups is used for treating bipolar disorder in adolescents. Understanding the cause, recognizing symptoms and bein

Learning Mechanisms in Psychology

Learning mechanisms are patterns or frameworks in which learning is processed by the brain and how a person subsequently behaves. Adaptation, associative learning, chunking and incremental reading are types of learning mechanisms that psychologists define as working cognitive models of the learning

How to Reduce Stress During a Job Layoff

A good rule of thumb for coping with stress is to take time to develop a plan of action. You can manage any situation with good strategy. Spend time each day reviewing ways to cope financially. But, dedicate at least five hours each day to finding employment. If you expect to eventually return to yo

God is Not Screwing You

You may be nearly unconscious with depression or exploding like only bipolar rage can explode. In the words and boldness of Bruce Edwards, "Listen to me. God is not screwing with you!"

What Are the Treatments for Approach Anxiety?

Anxiety can be a good thing when it initiates a fight-or-flight response that helps a person react in time of danger. However, it sometimes can affect life in a negative way, such as when a person has an approach anxiety disorder.

Breathing Exercises For Anxiety

Breathing exercises for anxiety not only can help with problems relating to anxious thoughts but also can lead to a more relaxed and contented way of being in life in general. Often the western answer ...

How to Be Positive When You Lack Time

If you're a very busy person you may find that your schedule causes fatigue and stress. It can be challenging to remain relaxed and have a positive attitude if you feel tired and worn down. Stress management skills, such as relaxation techniques, proper nutrition, and good sleep habits can all help

The Brain Fitness Solution

What is the brain fitness program? I'm glad that you asked.Recently, there have been a lot of new stories about the plasticity of our brains.

Some Natural Remedies For Panic Attacks

Many people are not aware of some of the natural remedies for panic attacks. In addition, caffeine is an anxiety enhancer and can also induce panic attacks.

Panic Attacks - Causes and Natural Help

If you've been suffering from panic attacks you may be wondering just what causes them and how you can go about preventing them. As a long time sufferer myself, I've researched a lot into how I can deal with these episodes, and understanding the cause is definitely a good start. I've

Treating Psychiatric Illness

Learn more from WebMD about medications used to treat psychiatric symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

Quantum Mind Power Review - Uses Your Whole Brain

The Quantum Mind Power system offers you the tools you need to harness the power of the brainwaves that control every aspect of your being. It explains how your brain is the center for thought, ...

Proven Tips - How to Improve Your Health and Happiness

Are you looking forward to improving your fitness and feel healthier? Learning to improve your fitness and feel well? Educating yourself how to recover your fitness and contentment is just like trying to find a needle in a haystack nowadays.