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Wheatgrass Facts - Benefits of Wheat Grass

Many people would laugh at the idea that eating grass is synonymous to being a cow or a cattle gazing in the barn. However, has it ever come to your mind that you have considered as an animal food is the remedy for the ailments of man?

Dieting and Red Meat - What is the Real Deal?

We have all heard the complaints from doctors, too much red meat can be very fattening. We have also heard professional trainers saying that high-quality red meat is essential for good muscle development. So what is the truth?

Giving Children Omega 3 Fish Oil - How Much?

There are so many reports on giving children omega 3 fish oil that you may have questions. I mean what does it do for them and is it safe? Those were a couple of my questions anyway. So, I started researching omega 3 fish oil and children and here's what I learned.

Fruit Myths

We all know that eating fruits is good for health. However, several myths still exist that end up confusing many of us about the benefits of fruits.

What Exactly is a Calorie?

I know that all of you have seen the word calorie many times over by this point, but how many of you have actually thought about what a calorie actually is? Probably not too many. When it really comes down to it, calories are what help us achieve or goals of either losing or gaining weight, so it&ap

Discover The Vital Functions that Omega 3 Fatty Acids Play in Bodily Health

Omega 3 fats are vital for health: from newborn babies, indeed even during the fetus stage, up until old age. One of the functions of omega 3 fatty acids is the healthy development and maintenance of brain and heart health. Fetuses and babies in the first few years of life require a tremendous amoun

5 Food Fats to Know For Heart Health

Fat is usually thought of as a bad thing but there are fats that are actually good for us. Instead of trying to eat low fat and be hungry, try switching to foods with healthier fat. This article provides a summary of the 5 main types of fats with suggestions on which ones to eat more often.

To Your Berry, Berry Good Health

Have you ever had the pleasure of picking your very own berries fresh from bush, shrub or vine and experiencing the burst of flavour and fragrance warm from the sun? MMMM-mmm - that taste sensation of sweet and sour fruity flavour wakes up your taste buds and is so scrumptious. Blueberries, strawber

Nutrigenetics - Nutrition For Your Genes?

Nutrigenetics is an exciting and innovative technology in the health and wellness industry.Nutrigenetics allows for people to have customized vitamins based on their genetic profile.

I'm Not the Only One - Who Knew?

I seem to have the kind of personality that makes people want to talk to me.I don't know what it is, but in the grocery store, people just come up and start a conversation.

Where Do Those Extra Pounds Come From?

Is your scale your friend? How many calories do you consume in one day? Let's look at an average day of an American and what they might eat.

Aqua-Pure (Cuno) Vs Aquasana

When you make the decision to buy do you compare for quality, price and performance? Or do you accept a great sales pitch?

Fruits You Should Eat For a Healthy Snack

Doctors are telling us to stay away from refined sugars. Fruits are packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber, while being low in calories, and fat. Following are some ideas for great fruit ideas that are enjoyable as an in-between meal snack or a nice dessert after a healthy meal.