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Getting Back On Track In Life - Where To Start

There are several reasons why a Person might get off track in their life. To name a few there could be a lost of a Spouse due to death or divorce, sickness or accident, lost of their job or career or even imprisonment.

Understanding Why Teenagers Use Drugs

When it comes to understanding why teenagers use drugs we need to also understand how modern day family and social life works. Things have gotten so fast and the pace of life has increased so dramatically that some of the fundamental basics have been lost along the way, a perfect example of this is

The Emotion Known As Fear

Fear is an emotion we have all experienced at some time on our journey. Of course, there are real fears which are based in fact, such as fear for your safety if you're alone at night in a questionable neighborhood. However, more often our fears manifest from intangible sources in the forms of f

11 Things to Think Upon If You Are Thinking Success

When you get mentally intense, involved, stimulated, your physical reality changes. When you are able to put your mind into the 11 thought patterns I list below, you will find people, places and events shaping out in your life "miraculously".

Why Anger is a Waste of Time

Do you often find yourself consumed by anger? Do you wonder why there are so many people dealing with anger today? Issues arise as a result of supposed grievance to self, loved ones or your cultural or religious beliefs. Anger makes it difficult to create anything and it clouds ones' mind. Ange

Expectations Can Get In Our Way

There are times when we truly look forward to something just as there are times when we totally dread something. What is the difference between anticipation with joy and anticipation with anxiety?

Mission and Its Importance to All Christians

There are several timeless and very vital reasons a study in church history and missions is so very important to Christians at every level of service and understanding. One of the greatest and most outstanding is the fact that missions is becoming more and more an interaction between both senders an

Low Self Esteem Revelations - Part 3 - The "Stages" in Self Esteem

There has already been some remarkable research to show how the environment of one's parents can leave an imprint on a baby that affects them later on in life. So it is with the 'inner esteem environment'. If a mother has low self-esteem and is surrounded by an environment of negativi

Stressed out - When Will the Bubble Burst?

I don't want to feel. We live in a very mental world that has little understanding and acceptance about feelings. When strong feelings arise, your mind normally needs to rationalize them or suppress them in ...

How to Ask a Woman Out- 3 Sure Guides

Many times you would see a woman you like to have a date with and even marry or you have been dreaming of having a date with that "dream girl of yours and you come ...

Do We Live in a World of Abundance Or Scarcity?

The principle of scarcity states that in a world of limited resources there can be no place for aspiration to achieve. Presumably we should live in huts and embrace a life of privation and subsistence.

No Excuses Please!

Do you want to lead a better lifestyle and change the way you think. I'm guessing most of you will say yes!

The Middle Seat: Not What I Expected On The Flight

The middle seat. Is there ANYONE who would choose it or there is another choice? Well, sitting with a good friend or spouse might be a reason. But traveling alone, NO one makes that choice. ...