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What I Learned From Lao Tze About Destiny

When life turns out the way we like, we're happy. When it doesn't, we're mystified. Why? For thousands of years, we have received teachings from some of the wisest. This article takes an important quote from an ancient Chinese wise man and outlines a process for creating the life you

Beat Yourself

A 76 year old Nepalese man reached the summit of Mount Everest (World's Highest Mountain-29035 foot) on Sunday 25th, May, 2008 and became the oldest person to climb the world's highest mountain.Min Bahadur Sherchan reached the 29035-foot summit early in the morning with his climbing guide.

Why Leadership Must Be TIMELY?

We often observe someone ascend to a position of leadership who appears to believe that he must merely follow the historic course, and strives to avoid rocking the boat, at nearly any cost. One can never merely tread water or prioritize the status quo, or wait for others to take action first. True l

Greatness Comes From Achievements Met Though Challenges

Great achievements arise only with our great challenges. By changing one mind at a time for a more positive and loving world we can be taking a step in the right direction. Are you ready to start with that step?

Leaders Provide Advice On Achieving Success - Part 1

After working with many leaders certain beliefs, statements and convictions keep being repeated in our conversations and seminars and feedback sessions. This is the first in a series of articles providing advice from leaders we ...

Tory Burch Sunglasses - A Trendy Accessory

When it arrives to obtaining the greatest sunglasses that you can have on to the seaside, to church or even as a matching accessory to your style gown, nothing at all beats them all than ...

Using A Personal Information Manager (pim)

Wouldn't it be nice to always know where you were going and when you were supposed to be there? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to access information on the people that you know in a second or two so that keeping in touch would be simpler than ever? All of this and more could be a possibili

Mindset - The First Step in Goal Attainment

Have you ever attempted to accomplish an important goal, begun to make progress, only to taper off to nothingness after a short while? This happens to many of us.

Becoming a Leader With Leadership Quotes

After briefly introducing the definition of leadership, article discusses the usefulness of quotes in gaining and improving leadership skills. Reading and remembering quotes and sayings on leadership is an effective method of becoming a better leader.

Why A Mens Gold Bracelet Is A Good Gift For Men

A gift is something given to someone else without expecting anything in return. For most people a gift has come to mean as a gesture of love, gratitude, kindness or forgiveness that makes or should make other people happier. Studies have revealed that on the average men's attitude toward gift g

12 KEYS TO SUCCESS - Success Require No Secrets

KEY #12 - Success Require No Secrets Well, if you're following me from the beginning till now, you've gone through all the 11 keys to success. This is the final key, Success Require No Secrets. ...

Good Self Esteem is Necessary For Happiness

High self esteem is a key ingredient to achieving success and happiness. Unfortunately, through various reasons, for example, abuse, bullying, depression, anxiety and weight issues not all of us have a high self esteem. Self esteem can be built, it will take effort and courage, and it will not happe

Reach Your Goals By Staying Focused

Now that you have both your result in mind and at the same time have compelling reasons why you simply have to reach your goals it is time for the final step in the process. The final step involves cr

Psychological Mind Tricks: Crossing The Line Between Persuasion And Deception

A number of individuals are now using psychological mind tricks and making apparent changes in their lives, using them to their advantage. Unconsciously, you may not know that a certain person has already played mind tricks on you, and you wake up uncertain of the events that have just happened.

4 Ways to Fight Pessimism

Naturally negative?5 simple tips to help you "hope for the best and prepare for the worst"

Why Anger is a Waste of Time

Do you often find yourself consumed by anger? Do you wonder why there are so many people dealing with anger today? Issues arise as a result of supposed grievance to self, loved ones or your cultural or religious beliefs. Anger makes it difficult to create anything and it clouds ones' mind. Ange

How to Ask a Woman Out- 3 Sure Guides

Many times you would see a woman you like to have a date with and even marry or you have been dreaming of having a date with that "dream girl of yours and you come ...

The Emotion Known As Fear

Fear is an emotion we have all experienced at some time on our journey. Of course, there are real fears which are based in fact, such as fear for your safety if you're alone at night in a questionable neighborhood. However, more often our fears manifest from intangible sources in the forms of f

No Excuses Please!

Do you want to lead a better lifestyle and change the way you think. I'm guessing most of you will say yes!

Expectations Can Get In Our Way

There are times when we truly look forward to something just as there are times when we totally dread something. What is the difference between anticipation with joy and anticipation with anxiety?